Our group has agreed the following principles as essential to structure and day-to-day operations and meetings. They are all equally valued and the order in which they appear does not reflect any ranking of importance.






Details of a personal nature, including diagnosis, treatment

experiences or conditons management shared in our group, shall be

considered confidential and never be shared/discussed outside the

Forum (unless freely offered during normal feedback and





Our Forum is a non-judgemental environment, welcoming and

respecting all members and guests.




In our meetings, everyone has a right to be heard in discussion and

to bring new business to the table. Members agree to supportive,

open and non-aggressive interaction.




Our members value group diecussion and therefore agree not to

interrupt, monopolise a topic, or have side conversations while

others are talking.




Our members agree to turn mobile phones off/to silent during

meetings, and to avoid any other disruptive behaviour.




Humour is highly valued in our Forum but members agree it should

not get in the way of tabled business.




Our members understand that mental illness can bring

unpredictable influences to the meetings, and are accepting of an

individual's reluctance to participate fully or need to 'step out'

temporarily if they arise.


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