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Caring for someone living with a Severe Mental Illness...

Carer Advocacy Support and Information is available through CAUSE




One-to-one carer advocacy and support at CAUSE

Carer Advocates are there to provide you with help tailored to what you need to cope in your care-giving role.  A Carer Advocate can meet with you face-to-face at a location convenient for you or discuss issues with you over the phone.

Carer Advocates are here to listen to and offer you practical and emotional support to help you:

  • learn about mental illness and treatments

  • understand how to navigate services and work with professionals

  • access the support you need and know your rights as a carer

  • deal with difficult situations and maintain your own resilience


With help from our professional Carer Advocates, we ultimately want you to feel more confident, supported and empowered.

To connect with a Carer Advocate in your area, contact 028 90 650 650 or email info@cause.org.uk




CAUSE Support Groups

It can be difficult to talk about your concerns with other people who may not understand or appreciate what you can encounter in supporting a loved one with mental illness.  We facilitate a network of monthly support groups for families, partners and friends across NI. 

CAUSE support groups provide you with the opportunity to meet with other people who have similar experiences to you in a safe space.  Many carers value the support, learning and social interaction they get from meeting other carers in our groups.  

To find out where your nearest CAUSE support group is, check our website www.cause.org.uk or call us on 028 90 650 650.



CAUSE Helpline Telephone Support

Do you need guidance, help with a crisis or someone to talk to but don’t know where to turn?  The CAUSE Helpline is available to carers who need support for themselves in caring for their loved one.  Our Helpline is open Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:  10 am-4 pm

Tuesday & Thursday    12 noon-8 pm

CALL OUR HELPLINE ON   0845 60 30 29 1



Opportunities to learn – CAUSE workshops and courses

Increasing your knowledge about mental health, services and learning how to deal with difficult situations are essential to keeping you well and supporting your loved one as best you can.

CAUSE offer a range of different workshops and training courses which address the specific needs of parents, families and friends of a loved one who has been engaged with mental health services.  Our workshops and short courses are practical, informative and designed to help you feel more confident in your caring role.

For more information on courses /events /workshops you could find useful happening near you, check our website www.cause.org.uk , CAUSE Carers Facebook or Twitter or call us on 028 90 650 650.



Representing carers’ views:  influencing services and policy

CAUSE works with a wide range of statutory services and community/voluntary groups to raise awareness of carers’ needs and issues.  We actively encourage carers to get involved in influencing policy and service development in their local communities. We strive to keep carers updated on key events / consultations where our voice as carers needs to be heard. 

For more information on policy News & Policy webpage at www.cause.org.uk


Click the Image to watch video of real Carers sharing their stories.





Click the Image to learn about training available to you as a Carer.



Carer Support and Information is available through  CARERS TRUST

Contact - CLICK HERE


Dedicated help and support is available for YOUNG CARERS


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