Latest Official Government Guidance for supporting Mental Wellbeing

during the COVID-10 Outbreak   CLICK HERE


Learn how to have a          life-saving  conversation


Free online training HERE


Blood Donations save lives


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Advice for donors during Coronavirus Outbreak


Organ Donation save lives


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Random acts or Choice




Quality Time

Give your undivided attention and interest



Working as a volunteer

Donations of items

Donations of money

Fundraising efforts

Sharing Experiences

Publicity efforts etc

Strengthening your own local community  or the world community



Doing your part to help Protect the Environment

Realise, Rethink,

Refuse, Reduce,

Regift, Reuse, 

Repair, Repurpose, Rehome, Recycle

and Rot


Help by using

Talents & Skills

Kind assistance

Skill sharing

Experience sharing

Teaching someone

Supporting someone

Creating something

Fixing something

Improving something

Making a difference


1 min Film

Volunteer Now



You may also wish to visit these Official Websites: 

 NI Exec Updates     NI Direct     Public Health Agency    Dept of Health 

Latest news from  Southern Health & Social Care Trust 


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for selfcare & wellness during this crisis?




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Thank you for investing in your personal wellness

and in that of your community





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