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E - H

E & D Equality and diversity
EA Equality act (2010)
Early warning sign An individual's own signal that their condition may be about to deteriorate
EBE Expert by experience
ECG (EKG) Electrocardiogram
ECHR European convention for human rights
ECT Electro-convulsive therapy
ED Eating disorder
EDD Estimated date of discharge
EDNOS Eating disorder not otherwise specified
EEG Electroencephalogram
EHR Electronic health record 
EI Early intervention
EI Emotional intelligence
EIP Early intervention in psychosis
EMI Elderly and mentally ill
EMP As directed (medication)
Empowerment A sense of self-belief and practical ability to look after yourself
EMR Electronic medical record
EMW Early morning waking
EOD Every other day (medication)
EP Episode
EPR Electronic patient record
EPRR Emergency preparedness, resilience and response
Equality act (2010) Click here for document
ETD Education, training and development
Ethos An underlying feeling or belief that informs or defines what a person or group does
EUPD Emotionally unstable personality disorder (see BPD)
European convention of human rights Click here for document
Exacerbate To make worse
Expert by experience A person who has extensive knowledge of a condtion or circumstance based on personal experience


Facilitator Someone who helps a group of people understand and work towards their common objectives
Families Voices Forum A Regional Group led by families and Friends Bereaved by Suicide
FBC Full blood count
FFP Fit for purpose
FLS Front line staff
FMH Family medical history
FMHH Family medical health history
FOI Freedom of information
FOIA (2000) Freedom of information act
Formulary (NI) A preferred list of medicines proven to be clinically efective and safe as well as cost effective. Launched in 2014
Forum A medium or meeting for the exchange of information, opinion and ideas on a specific subject of shared interest
Freedom of information act (2000) Click here for document
FS Family situation
FU Follow up



GAD Generalised anxiety disorder
Gain Guidelines and audit implementation network
Gatekeepers Those who would potentially be in contact with the vulnerable.
GI Good insight
GP General practitioner (family doctor)


H Hallucination (s)
HA Hospital admittance
HAL Hallucination (s)
Hallucination(s) An experience involving the apparent perception of something not present
HAT Holistically augmented therapy
HCA Health care assistant
HCAI Health care associated infection
HCP Health care professional
HFF Hope for the future
HI Homicidal ideation
HL Home life
HMR Hospital medical records
Holistic Treating the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease
HQCFA High quality care for all
HS Home situation
HS At bedtime (medication)
HSC Health and social care board (NI)
HSCT Health and social care trust (of 5)
HSE Health and safety executive
Human rights act (1998) Click here to read
HV Home visit
HV Health visitor
HX History


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