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I - L

ICD (-10)

International classification of diseases


ICP Integrated Care Partnership
ICU Intensive care unit
IMCA Independent Mental Capacity Advocate
IMHA Indepdent Mental Health Advocate
ImROC (2013) Implementing recovery through organisational change (ongoing process)
Insight (to condition/situation) Level of understanding about the nature of ones own condition, its cause and its possible treatment
INSPIRE - (Charity) The new name for NIAMH
IP In-Patient
IRL In real life (ie.  outside the internet)




Key worker  
KLOE Key lines of enquiry
KPI Key performance indicator
KW Key worker


LCG Local commissioning groups
LD Learning difficulties/disability
LFT Liver function test
LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender
LOC Loss of concentration
LOI Lack of insight
LOL Loss of libido
LTA Long term agreement
LTC(s) Long term condition(s)
LTT Long term treatment


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