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M - P

Mandatory Compulsary
MAPA training Management of Actual or Potential Aggression training
MAU Medical assesment unit
MC Mental capacity

Mental capacity act (2005)

MD Manic depression (a lesser used name for Bipolar disorder)www.mindwisenv.org
MDT Multi-disciplinary team
MDX Multiple diagnosis
Meds Medication
MHO Mental health order (NI) (1986)
Mental capacity act (2005) Click here for document
Mental health act (1983) Click here for document
Mental health act (2007) Click here for document
Mental health order (NI) (1986) Click here for document

Mental health care pathway

(with the cover title - You in mind)

Click here for document
MH Mental health
MHA Mental health assessment
MHA Mental health act (1983)
MHD Mental Health and Disability
MHFA Mental health first aid
MHH Mental health history
MHSU Mental health service user

US -- The Mental Helath Forum

MI Mental illness
Mindwise (Charity) Visit website
MIU Minor injuries unit
MMH Maternal mental health

Manic depressive disorder 

(a lesser used name for Bipolar disorder)

MOA Management of aggression
Moot point An expression meaning that something doesn't matter so there is no point for debate

Magnetic resonance imaging

(type of scan)

MRSA Methicillan-resistant straphylococcus aureus
MS Mood stabiliser
MSBP Munchausen syndrome by proxy
MSSA Methicillan sensitive straphylococous aureaus
Multi-disciplinary team A team made up of people sharing a common focus but trained in differenct profesional fields
Munchausen syndrome by proxy A mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care


NAD Nothing abnormal detected/discovered
NAI Non accidental injury
Nature or Nurture? Used in discussions about whether the cause, symptoms or possible treatments rely more on genetics or environment.
NC No change
NC Non-communicative
NC Non-compliant
Nervous breakdown A general term used by patients or non-professionals which does not correspond directly or consistently with any specific condition/symptom
NES Not elsewhere specified

Next of kin/nearest relative

(These are not always the same thing)

Nearest relative is the person highest on the following list (Husband or Wife or Parnter - Coresiding partner of 6 months or more - Daughter or son - Father or Mother - Brother or Sister - Grandfather or Grandmother - Aunt or Uncle - Nephew or Niece)
NF Not forthcoming
NHS National health service
NICRN Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network
NICVA Northern Ireland council for voluntary action
NID Northern Ireland direct
NIGPC Northern Ireland General Practitioners Committee
NHSCT Northern health and social care trust
NICE National institute for health and care excellence
NICE guidelines - CG136 (2011)

Clinical guidance with evidence based advice for ensuring good experiences of mental health care in the NHS.

NIAMH (Charity) - now INSPIRE Northern Ireland association for mental health
NIRSH Northern Ireland Registery of Self Harm
NO Negative outlook
NOCT(e) At night (medication)
NOK Next of kin
NR Nearest relative
NR Non-responsive
NSR Next stage review
Neurosis A relatively mild mental illness involving symptoms of stress but not a radical loss of touch with reality.
NWW New ways of working


OBS Observations
Obsession Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety
OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder
OD Overdose
ODAAT One day at a time
OG On-going
OOH Out of hours
OP Out-patient
OPPC Older people and Primary Care
OT Occupational therapy(ist)
OTC Over the counter (medication)


Panacea A remedy for all ills or problems
PAR Patient at risk
PARA Paranoia(oid)
Paranoia a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance
PARIS system The  electronic patient record system in use by The Southern Trust
Parity Equality
Partners in care Service users, carers and professionals working together to achieve the best care outcome possible
Paternalistic Acting as an organisation or individual to limit the freedom of another in some way that is believed to be for their own good.
PC Poor concentration
PC After food (medication)
PCC Patient client council
PCP Person centred planning
PD&R Personal development & reflection
PDSA Plan-Do-Study-Act
PD Panic disorder
PDD Predicted date of discharge


(commonly used in online forums etc)

PDP Personal development plan
PEC Pre-existing condition
PEC Poor eye contact
PF Patient forum
PFA Patient focussed care
PFG Patient focus group
PHA Public health agency
PHC Primary health care
Phobia An irrational and dibilitating fear of somethng
PICU Psychiatric intensive care unit
PID Personal identifiable data
PIG Policy implimentation guide
PII Patient/person identifiable information
PIL Patient information leaflet

Personal independance payment

(phased replacement of DLA)

"Plain english"  Simple undestandable words rather than clinical or legal terms etc
PLIG Protect life Implimentation Group
PM Pain management
PN Pyschiatric nurse
PNA Pharmaceutical needs assesment
PO Positive outlook
POA Psychiatry in old age
POM Prescription only medicine
POS Point of service
POT Point of treatment
PPI Personal and public involvement
PQC Promoting quality care
Prevalence (reference medical) How may occurrences there are of something in a given time frame.
PRN As required - within medical advice.(with reference to medication)
Promoting quality care (2010) Good practice guidance on assessment and mangement of risk
Promoting wellbeing team Access link here
Protect life Generic adjective phrase used to describe any event or initiative that seeks to prevent suicide
Protect life The title of the NI Strategy document
PS Peer support
PSW Peer support worker
PWT Promoting wellbeing team
PX Prognosis


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