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Q - Z

QA Quality assurance
Q2H Every 2 hours (medication)
Q3H Every 3 hours (medication)
Q4H Every 4 hours (medication)
QAM Every morning (medication)
QD Once a day (medication)
QHS Every night at bedtime (medication)
QID 4  times a day (medication)
QN Every night (medication)
QOF Quality & Outcomes Framework
QOD Every other day (medication)


R Relapse
RA Risk assessment
RAID Rapid Assessment Interface Discharge
RB Responsible body
RCA Root cause analysis
RCGP Royal college of general practitioners
RCN Royal college of nursing
RCP Royal college of physicians
RCPSYCH Royal college of psychiatrists
Recovery In the medical model this would usually mean 'cure' but in modern terms of mental health it could refer to an individuals journey towards a fulfilling life with or without the presence of symptoms; as everyone's journey is different there can be no one definitive definition. See Recovery resources
Recovery college

An environment of shared learning where service users, professionals and carers can all participate equally. Recovery colleges may be in a fixed location or choose to use a range of community settings.

Recovery college courses are co-produced and co-delivered.

Recovery for all (2010) Hope Agency and Opportunity in psychiatry
REL Relapse
RFC Request for comment
RLS Restless leg syndrome
RM Resource management
RN Registered nurse
RNR Rest and relaxation
RQIA Regulation and quality improvement authority
RTT Referral to treatment
RV Review
Rx Prescription



SA Social anxiety
SA Sexual abuse
SA Substance abuse
SAD Seasonal affective disorder
SAD Social anxiety disorder
SAD Schizo-affective disorder
SAI Serious adverse incident
SAR Serious adverse reaction
SARS Severe acute respiratory syndrome
SCAD Schizo-affective disorder
SCZ Schizophrenia
SD Sleep disruption
SDO Service delivery and organisation
SHIP Self harm intervention programme
SEMI Severe and enduring mental illness
Semi-colon project The use of pen-drawn or permanently tattooed semi-colon on the wrist, neck or other body part to mark a life that could have ended but did not.
SEN Special educational needs
Sensemaker (2012) (2015) Generally used to refer to a n auditing process that gathered Users and carers experience of mental health services in N.Ireland. The term actually relates to the  unique software package used to collate and analyse the gathered data.
Service user A person who accesses statutory mental heath services for their care
Service user facing A document/process designed to be viewed or used by service users.
SFC Skills for care
SFH Skills for health
Shared care model GPs and Mental health teams working together to provide care
SHO Senior house officer
SHSCT Southern health and social care trust
SI Serious incident
SID Once a day (medication)
Signposting Giving contact information of a person or organisation who may be able to help.
SIP Support in place
SITREP Situation report
SM Stress  management
SM Substance misuse
SMART (with reference to goal setting) Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Realistic - Time specified
SMI Serious mental illness
SMI Seriously menally ill
SN Social networking
SNRI Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (a type of anti-depressant)
Social phobia See Social anxiety
SP Sleep pattern
SP Social phobia
SPA Single point of access
SPMI Severe and persistent mental illness

Spoon theory

(Internet based explanation tool)

Click here to read a wonderful explanation of what is can be like living with a chronic illness
SR Suicide risk
SRO Senior responsible officer
SS School situation
SSIB Suicide strategy implimentation body

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

(A type of anti-depressant)

Stakeholder Any one of the various groups involved in the new model of parthership working - eg: carer, professional, service user
Statutory services Services provided by a local authority as a matter of course (eg schools, NHS)
STRN Southern Trust Recovery Network
SU Service user
SUI Suicide
SUI Service user involvement
SW Suicide watch
SW Social  worker
SWOT (in assessment & in committee) Strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats
SOAR Safeguarding of adults at risk of harm (new terminology instead of SOVA)
SOVA Safeguarding of vulnerable adults (see now SOAR as new terminology)
Suicide prevention strategy Protect Life 2012
SX Symptom(s)
SY(M) Symptoms
Syndrome A recognised pattern of signs and symptoms 
SZ Schizophrenia


T4T Training for trainers
TAS Treatment as usual
TCRG Trust Carers Reference Group

Therapist or Counsellor or psychologist

(most commonly used in online forum)

TE Therapeutic effect
TFT Thyroid function test
Tick-box exercise Vernacular - A perceived means of performance, assessment or interaction that is focussed on being seen to meet targets/expectations rather than focussing on person-centred planning/care/provision in any business or service.
TID Three times a day (medication)

Therapeutic level

Trigger Something that sparks a response leading to re-emergence or exacerbation of symptoms.
TRIP Team recovery implementaion plan (laying out plans to adapt a recovery approach to working)
TrIC Training for informal carers
TT Talking therapy
TYC Transforming your care
TX Treatment or Therapy


UCSIG User and Carer service improvement group
USP Unique selling point


VA Voluntary admittance
VCS Voluntary and community sector
VSM Very senior managers


WG Weight gain
WHSCT Western health and social care trust
WHO World health organisation
WL Weight loss
WL Waiting list
WRAP Wellness recovery action planning
WS Work situation


You in mind (2014) Main title of all The Care Pathway documents
YTD Year to date


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