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The title of this song sorta says it all - Sometimes we just need to hear the words.

This song has helped me dig deep and find the strength to keep going through darkness and it  helps me to help others do the same,


Don't give up (You are loved) - Josh Grobhan -  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


A song about daring to love and to indeed live. I find this inspiring because it seems to describe perfectly the power that comes with embracing life - a message that runs like a thread through my recovery.


Standing outside the fire - Garth Brooks  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

I stumbled on this rather quirky presentaiton of a wonderful truth while alone and tearful one night. I still have no idea what I was searching for online but suddenly there it was and I have never forgotten the message. This is all about the power of gratitude and it has been so helpful for me.


The science of happiness - Soul Pancake - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

I like poetry and I like the way it can wrap itself around me like a warm blanket and promise to express for me all the stuff I cannot voice and remind me oh so gently, that life has more to offer than darkness. This poem gives me perspective on what's important in life... and how to craft it... one choice at a time.


If - A poem by Rudyard Kipling - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

The bravery of this girl amazes me and simply by telling her own story she has made me more hopeful about my own troubled life and my struggles with depression and other mental health problems. Just one girl with a story - but it is one that really helped me.


Conquering depression.. How I became my own hero - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

A short film of cartoon-style stills illustrating perfectly some of the common ways depression affects my life - there is narration just to add detail and put things in perspective. I watched this and immediately identified with it so i know it will help non-sufferers begin to understand what we live with.


I had a black dog - on Youtube via The WHO -  CLICK HERE TO WATCH


When it comes to inspirational music I think of Nina Simone. You may recognise it from the yogurt advert. It starts off with all the things she doesn't have but then goes on to say but I have life.



Ain't got no... I've got life - Nina Simone  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


This song has been around about as long as I have: it is loosely based on the famous speech made by Martin Luther King Jnr. For me it is an anthem of hope that can also reflect the need for parity of understanding and treatment.for mental health.


If I can dream - Elvis  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Ok, so some folk will wonder how this song belongs here - but when the world uses me as a punching bag and I'm reaching my lowest of lows, I reach for this and crank up the volume. It shifts my perspective and it really helps me believe in myself.


Tubthumping - Chumbawamba CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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