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How to access your records


Why the Southern Health Trust needs your information


All the staff involved in your care will ask for and record information to ensure you get the best care possible care and enable them to tailor it closely to your individual needs and preferences. Once you move on the recorded information will be kept on file so that it will be available should you ever return for treatment of any kind.


The accumulated information allows the Trust to perform audits, develop services and planning and design training that improve services for all but nothing used in this kind of written work will identify you unless you have given your written consent. The figures pulled from data like this can help the Trust measure how it performs against targets or other Trusts and can assist in investigations, complaints or legal claims; it can also help in research. Again, non of this information will identify you when published unless you give your consent.


Trust staff are legally required to handle patient information with confidentiality.





You have  a right to request copies of your own Records


To request a copy of your own Health and Social Care records

held by The Southern Trust CLICK HERE to download a form




A fee will be required of you that covers costs of copying and compiling.

When last checked in 2016 this fee was £50 in most cases.

You will need to check with The Trust for your appropriate fee


You may request notes from a specific service or time period

but be aware there are some circumstances that would require small portions to be withheld or blacked out - names, third party references or comment etc

Trust staff can offer detailed information around this if you are concerned however it should not negatively implact on the quality of information provided






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