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The Mental Health Forum is an independent organisation registered with the Charity Commission for N. Ireland.


We provide information and signposting on mental health issues to the community and are proud to be the "Voice of service users" within planning and delivery of services for the Southern Health Trust. We are committed to promoting a 'strengths-based' Recovery focus, and so support and facilitate the direct engagement of service users and carers across multiple aspects of that planning and delivery. As an organisation we are deeply embedded in, and capacity build for this coproduction wthin our mental health directorate.


This Forum website is a peer-led information hub and interactive Recovery resource for anyone with an interest in mental health issues, as well as those interested in using their personal lived experience to inform and improve mental health services. 

A volunteer programme supports the website project and full training is provided. Our site also signposts the wider community to a range of awareness and skill-building courses to support wellness, recovery and community connection.

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We also provide free Service-User-Led

Suicide Awareness Workshops

Open to members of the public, charity workers and HSC staff

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We will be happy to answer your questions, however please note: Registrations can only be taken on a 1:1 basis by telephone

We facilitate and support Group Completion of the free onlline course created by Zero Suicide Alliance, in an extended but very relaxed Workshop environment.

That course content is given further context  by  Mental Health Forum Trainers with Personal Lived Experience of suicidal crisis in breakout discussions and group exploration of themes, language and perspective.


As well as opportunity to ask direct questions of the Lived Experience Facilitators, there is a 1:1 followup conversation approximately 4-6 wks later,

in which the attendees can reflect on their learning, and ask further questions or seek further signposting.


We strongly encourage as many people as possible to complete the Zero Suicide Alliance Course itself - We'd love to welcome you to do with with us as part of our wider workshop, but it is also aailable 24/7  on their website    https://www.zerosuicidealliance.com/training

Mental Heath Forum is a member organisation with the Zero Suicide Alliance, and so our Service-User-Led workshop* does not change or condense the excellent ZSA content; it seeks only to create a safe and supported group space in which to build confidence, understanding, and skills. 

There is an approach and a level for everyone - being able to talk openly about suicide is a skill Everyone should have - its not just a job for 'professionals'  Are you ready to have a potentially life-saving conversation?



*This level of personal sharing and facilitation requires specific skills, knowledge and supports.

The people of Lived Experience who host and facilitate this workshop have been mentored through the Mental Health Forum's Capacity Building Programme. They have ongoing access to both direct and peer support, skill building and experience, as well as other suicide intervention and awareness training.


(Public speaking and personal sharing on topics of mental health issues, suicide, self-harm etc should not be undertaken without support and serious consideration - if you are a person of lived expereince within the Southern Trust Area and are thinking about sharing your story publicly in any way, please get in touch and we can help you to explore those  key considerations, impacts, benefits, and consequences. Talk with someone who has been there - it will help you make informed choices and prioritise your self-care. We can connect you to a range of ways to share your story and your valuable expsperience while staying in control and safe)

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Please note: We are beginning work in Spring and Summer of 2022 to create and transfer content to a new-look website with additonal features & easier navigation.

This shouldn't cause any direct issues for using this version, however ocassional content changes or restructuring may be needed here and there during the process.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

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