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'Flights of Hope' archive.

Personal stories of Hope and Inspiration about mental wellness.

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'Take5' interactive resource

Explore your way... on your device!

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Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Children & Familes

RISE NI provide  info and resources for supporting the welllbeing of children while in  'Lockdown' - CLICK HERE to view on SHSCT website (includes play ideas)

Have fun cooking with your family - Learn how with Buddy & Jamie Oliver

Maths With Carol Vordeman - via 'Mathsfactor' website - for ages 4-12

History with Dan Snow - via posdcasts

Geography with Steve Backshall - via BBC episodes of 'Primary Geography'

Learn Languages - fun, free, and compare progress with friends - via Duolingo

Fun activity record sheet for children - download here

The Kids Coach - Fitness and Fun

Draw with Rob - via Youtube tutorials

Fun Stories and Activities - with BookTrust

Show Me - Fun facts and things to do for the whole family

Watch what goes on in the zoo - Webcams from Dubllin zoo

Watch what goes on in the zoo - Webcams from Edinburgh zoo

Explore Space with NASA Media and image library (free)



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to watch a video message for Kids about the five ways to stay well and happy

Youth Wellness Web





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