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Mental Health Medication

This excellent resource brings together a wide range of easy-read information about mental health medications.


Although you are reminded to always read the manufacturers information leaflet, this is a detailed and very accessible source of information. Material is configured for ease of printing and the specific drug leaflets are presented as


Patient information leaflets

Brief or basic information leaflets

Quick, easy read leaflets


There are a Handy Charts available which offer comparative information for the main medications used to treat an illness or condition; you will find information on doses, how long the medications take to work, possible side effects and more.


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Help managing medication

Did you know??


Your local pharmacist can work through a "Medicine Management Review" with you.

This will take about an hour and you will need to make an appointment.

Speak to your own pharmacist for further details.



Rethink Mental Illnessalso have an excellent guide available on their website

covering basic information on the medications themselves, how to manage them, and importantly, a useful guide suggesting questions you may wish to ask your doctor when told you are about to be prescribed mental health medication.





The Northern Ireland Formulary

A formulary is a preferred list of medication which your doctor would choose to prescribe for you if appropriate. The aim of The Northern Ireland Formulary is to promote the safe, clinically effective and cost-effective prescribing of medicines.

The intent is to cover the majority of prescribing decisions and therefore is focussed on non-specialist prescribing choices. The Northern Ireland Formulary was launched March 2014 and continues to develop both the range of information available and ease of use for its website - Although there is no specific section on mental illness there are other common areas of ill health that may affect your wellbeing and impact on your mental health.




To visit the website of The Northern Ireland Formulary CLICK HERE

Everything provided on this page is for information purposes only, to help you understand and be active in the decisions around your mental health medication.


Please discuss any arising issues with a trained mental health professional and remember, it is always OK to ask questions and discuss any related changes in your condition or something you think may be a side-effect of your medication.


The professionals involved in your care will be very happy to talk things through with you.



amend dosage or discontinue any mental health medication without the knowledge and direct guidance of a mental health professional, preferably your own prescribing GP or Consultant. 


Amending or stopping 'cold-turkey' can have serious implications and has the potential to be very dangerous, even if when doing so you believe yourself to be well enough to no longer need them or have become fed up with certain associated side-effects.


If you have been asked to attend for blood tests in relation to your mental health medication it is crucial you do so as these are arranged with your safety and wellbeing in mind - some medications require close monitoring to maintain a safe therapeutic range.

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