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If you are not yet a member of The Mental Health Forum Business group and you are interested in learning more about Co-production and how you can personally conrtribute to positive change in mental health services - Click HERE or Telephone: 02830 252423 to learn what opportunities are available right now.


* This is about using your lived experience as an asset...

   You already have something very valuable to contribute and the           Forum Business Group will provide and signpost to additonal skills       and opportunities that will help you become more             

   knowledable, confident, and able to direct your passion into

   improving the expereince of others in mental health services.



* You have options - Not all opportunites are long-term or have a high

   time demand, so you will be able to select from opportunities, the

   pieces of work that best suit your life/work balance and your

   condition managment or caring commitments.



* The Business Group meetings are part of a larger Capacity Building

   Programme designed by The Mental Health Forum to inform,

   support and mentor at a pace that is comfortable and achievable.


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